Thor: The Dark World (2013)

So it takes me forever to see a Marvel movie so sue me. Anyway. Thor: The Dark World which I will from hence forth call Thor 2 is pretty good movie. I gotta love those superhero movies where its all put on the line and the world is going to end if you fail and the love of your life with it. Like I said I like this movie for the action and the interactions between some of the characters. However, it drives me up the wall that Loki isn’t dead. Doesn’t anyone believe in the death penalty anymore? Seriously, the guy can’t be trusted and it’s just proven in this movie. There are several things going on in this movie which keeps your interest peaked through the entire thing and it is definitely the bridge between a much more serious and balls to the walls sequel that will be coming up hopefully soon.

The main plot is a grudge match between Dark Elves, a race of beings that predate the existence of the known universe…universes? Anyway, they are born of the night and hate the light (suns, stars, electricity, all that stuff) and the Asgardians who are the protectors of the nine realms and obviously don’t want the universes to be destroyed. Problem is, is the Dark Elves are seriously bad ass and kick the hell out of Asgard before Thor takes matters into his own hands and disobeys his father to save the universe with a very risky plan. The death of the Queen of Asgard prompts Loki to come back into play who apparently wants revenge for his ‘mothers’ murder. At the same time as all of this is going on, Jane Foster, Thor’s mortal love interest, trips over the weapon of the Dark Elves and absorbs it and becomes the weapon herself…or at least its carrier. Thor learns of this and whisks her away to Asgard to try to help her but Odin has other plans but Thor won’t have it. His friends help him break Loki out of jail, get Jane out of house arrest, and then out of Asgard via a secret passage only Loki knows about. After that it’s just a long battle between Thor and the Dark Elf leader. Oh and Loki apparently dies after seemingly redeeming himself after protecting Jane and helping Thor kill the beefed up second and command of the Dark Elves. I didn’t quite believe it as some of the things that Loki said pointed to a Loki who was biding his time and not really remorseful for what he had done. Thor battles a very hard battle to save the universes and wins the day. But low and behold, treachery in Asgard. When Thor and Odin discuss what makes a good King and the fact that the realms want Thor as king, Thor refuses as he swears that he will protect the realms the best if he wasn’t on the throne. The exact treachery I will not say as it will screw up your viewing the movie objectively and properly going through the emotions but let me tell you I was offended, pissed off, and exasperated all at the same time. The ending of this movie is the exact reason why I believe you must break your enemy so that he may never get back up again. Because they will always be snakes waiting for the best time to strike.

And….looking at a plot review on line…I realize that I didn’t quite wait long enough in the credits before I turned off the movie. There is an after credit scene that wasn’t the one I thought was the after credit scene. I mean two? Really? Nasty trick there Marvel. Apparently the bastard evil guys from The Avengers is still running around causing a ruckus. Imagine that? Seriously, there are so many movies intertwined with this stuff that it makes my head hurt. I am of course at a disadvantage as I don’t read comics, not even Batman. So I do not know the natural progression of things, I just know these are pretty good action flicks and they are actually doing an excellent job with the whole superhero thing.

Now, anyway on to the actors and actresses in the movie and the characters they play.

Chris Hemsworth: I’m not a damn fan girl so don’t go looking for me to spout off this guys credentials in the looks department. As far as I know, no one else has portrayed Thor in an actual Marvel movie so Hemsworth is it. And I gotta say I like how he does it. The cocky attitude that is hidden behind the polite and obedient bad ass. Hemsworth is able to balance all of that out perfectly and it’s always entertaining to see Thor interact with other characters. Right now, I am being told there will be at least three more movies with Thor in it and I gotta say I’m happy to see him stick around.

Natalie Portman: Do I really have to go into detail with this actress’ credentials? This girl can act and has been doing so for as long as I can remember and being damn good at it even as a child. Her portrayal of Jane Foster is fun to watch as she is an awkward brainiac who is romantically involved in a seemingly immortal being that is a complete badass. The interactions of these two are fun to watch and Portman is able to portray the confident scientist who absolutely melts anytime the big hulking Thor is anywehre close by. But it’s okay because it works for the films. And it’s Natalie Portman. What? I’m a huge fan so sue me. I remember her as a child actor in the movie The Professional, one of the first and most memorable movies of my childhood. And she’s only gotten better with age. So yeah, sue me for being such a big fan.

Kat Dinnings: Wondering why the hell I am bringing her up? Well….Darcy was freaking hilarious in this movie so I thought I would mention her. And Kat Dinning always portrays these kind of characters (as far as I know) and its always great to see. Her comments and behavior in the back ground completely lightens up a dark and serious moment perfectly to where you are completely zoned in on the world ending then she does something and you have to chuckle before something disintegrates and you realize the world is still ending. So good job there Kat Dinnings.

Anthony Hopkins: Really? Do I have to say anything? It’s Anthony fucking Hopkins. The dude nails just about every role he ever plays and he obviously nails the role of Odin. So that is all I am saying on the matter.

Tom Hiddleston: I AM SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THE FUCKING FAN GIRL BULLSHIT GOING ON OUT THERE ABOUT THIS GUY! Now that my little outburst is done, this guy is a perfect Loki. He is able to portray all the emotions and mannerisms that are required of a trickster. However, I hate his character, and I hate when people go all doe eyed over an actor or actress and it clouds their judgement on a movie or character because seriously, if they’re hot then who the hell cares right? I do, I judge a movie based on plot, not by actors or actresses. And it’s a huge pet peeve when people judge by who’s in it, not what’s it about.

I have to give a little shout out to Frigga….who knew the Queen of Asgard was such a bad ass? She damn near bested the Dark Elf leader all on her own before back up arrived. So yeah….good work there…up until you got stabbed. Sorry to hear that…damn shame.

I also have to discuss a bit about Sif who is played by Jaimie Alexander. The whole bit about Sif and Thor leads me to believe we are about to see the demise of Jane Foster right? I have no idea as I haven’t touched a comic book. But the insistence on Sif’s feelings for Thor, and Thor’s not 100% refusal of her, and Jane Fosters very short life span, makes me think that Sif and Thor hook up after a very depressing death or leaving of Jane Foster. But who knows, I am probably wrong. Now that that is over, I have to give props to Jaimie Alexander who apparently fell down a flight of stairs while on set and was out for a month. This isn’t funny as she apparently really fucked her back up and did a number of other things to herself and she was only out for a month. Bad ass and dedicated. Good work!

Okay, now I’m done with all of that. Thor 2….watch it! Obviously. I mean who is refusing to watch this movie? I mean, seriously? Superheroes, great action movie. Great family movie…..what the hell is wrong with this movie? Absolutely nothing. So watch it already…or again…several agains if I was you.

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Hours (2013): Perfect Example of Paul Walker’s Acting Abilities

Alright…I’ve got quite a bit to say about this movie so just sit tight. First of all, I can and do gladly say that this is a pretty damn good movie for the type it is. As in, not a lot of complexity or overall action, but drama, suspense, and all the other slow paced types out there. I normally hate these kinds of movies because my attention span cannot fathom paying attention to something that boring for two hours. However, Hours completely solves that little puzzle by adding some things that increase the suspense, anxiety, and pace of the movie without doing it outright. Second of all, this movie is one of the last ones Paul Walker did before his very untimely death and it is a prime example of why the guy was a seriously underrated actor. Third, this movie shows just how badly most of us (humans) fail when it comes down to the wire and when the shit hits the fan, how many of us either convert to below animalistic behavior or we just panic and either make things worse, or we seriously fail at the overall goal of what we are trying to do. But it also shines a light on the better part of humanity and the times where people go above and beyond to do the right thing. So I definitely suggest everyone see this movie at least once, if not many times.

The plot goes like this, Nolan Haynes (Walker) and his wife, Abigail (Genesis Rodriguez) have to rush to the hospital right at the start of Katrina due to complications with her pregnancy. Turns out, something is seriously freaking wrong and has been for quite some time. Their daughter is born five weeks early, in the middle of Katrina mind you, and the wife unfortunately and shockingly doesn’t make it out of the labor room as she had bled out (something about her liver and not being able to stop the bleeding?). Nolan is crushed because his wife is literally the best chick ever. His daughter is stuck on a ventilator for at least 48 hours as she hasn’t figured out how to breath on her own. Then comes the worst of the Hurricane and most of the hospital evacuates. Every thing is fine until the levee breaks and apparently strands Nolan, one nurse, and maybe a couple other patients who didn’t get evacuated in the hospital alone. Lower level of the hospital is flooded (including emergency generators) and now they are stuck on battery power for the life support systems. Problem is…Nolan’s daughter’s, who he named after the mother, machine is all sorts of not up to par and only holds a three minute charge. So the rest of the movie has Nolan dealing with all sorts of random problems that are actually really quite accurate for the situation he’s in, and it is really freaking stressful to watch so I don’t even want to imagine having to do it myself. They do eventually get rescued but damned if it wasn’t close.

Elements that make this movie great:

3 Minute Time Limit: The main character has a three minute time limit to do anything. Imagine that. 180 seconds to do anything that needed to be done. He ends up having to try to radio a rescue, get more IV bags, try to find a new battery, try to fix the emergency generator, deal with a couple looters, help a dog, try to get a helicopters attention. All in three minutes or less. And holy hell he does it….but it’s apparent how hard it is to do it and how fucking stressful it is.

The Wife: The wife is in the movie for a whole three minutes total I think between all her scenes. Dispersed through the rest of the movie are flashbacks to Nolan’s and Abigail’s relationship, how they met, how they proposed, how the baby was conceived (no sex scenes you perves), and finally a touching scene where Nolan (after being up for who the hell knows how long) hallucinates a conversation with his wife who tells him that she will always be with him and that the baby is both him and her together so he will never be without her. Now let me explain why I think this chick is a pretty cool chick and why Nolan flew off the handle when he was told she didn’t make it. They met while they both stopped a bank robbery. And no they aren’t cops, which I thought they were. Nope, just two average people who stepped up and did the right thing. Nolan was fighting on the ground with the one with the gun and the driver tried to drive away and a girl driving a tiny car plowed into him as he tried to get away, that was Abigail. The conversation they had afterwards was funny, cute, and awesome all at the same time, showing that they were obviously made for each other. The next scene explains how she hates the idea of marriage but apparently Nolan changed that as when Nolan went to propose she got mad, not because he wanted to marry her, but because she was going to propose to him. At the same diner, at the same time. I mean these two were in sync with each other and were perfect together. There are a couple other scenes but I won’t get into it as you get the picture. This chick was awesome and was perfect for him and now she’s suddenly gone, he’s stuck with a baby in the middle of a hurricane. But instead of being spiteful, pitiful, and angry about all of it towards the baby, he did all he could to save it.

People being complete bastards: Since when were hospitals allowed to just abandon patients? A little oversight yeah? A big oops. Yeah…Nolan and the Nurse were the only two people left to take care of any of the patients left. And even then the nurse was barely around until Nolan found her shot in the back by a looter. Now we are on to the looters. I hate looters, I have always hated how people act when law isn’t being enforced and when people start looking out for number one because the power went out or they are stranded and can’t get help or some shit like that. I hate looters, I hate people who are mindless idiots when it comes to rescues or not helping others because they themselves are in a tight spot. All of this and more are explored in this movie. Two groups of looters happen in the movie. The first one met a rather desperate Nolan who just needed help and tried to convince the looter to help him. Didn’t work out and it was later discovered this bastard killed a defenseless nurse who was just trying to help patients (once again I really hate humans) but the second group met a Nolan I am rather proud of. Nolan pumps one guy full of adrenaline so his heart explodes and then shoots the other guy in his face. All with no hesitation at all.

Paul Walker: I am a big fan of his for a couple reasons. I grew up watching him in Varsity Blues and The Fast and the Furious. But he is undoubtedly a very good actor, but he gets dumped on because of the rolls he chooses to play. Walker has always had that surfer attitude where he is a lot more relaxed and chilled about his demeanor and you can see it in all his movies. And it works if you embrace it instead of bitching and moaning because you have a problem with a guy being chilled out and centered in an action movie. I’ve seen some of Paul Walker’s lesser known movies like The Lazarus Project where you get to see him out of the pure action scene where you get to see him actually focus on acting and he nails it every time. In this movie he has a baby as company, a dog for a short bit, a doctor, a nurse, and looters. And then there is the responses to other things going on. You see Paul Walker completely lose his zen attitude and become the stressed out, angry, depressed, bitter, person that would be in that situation but then you get moments where Paul is Paul and he totally just chills out and is cracking jokes and making light of a situation (with a dog no less) and it’s great. Paul Walker isn’t Keanu Reeves who is stuck portraying characters who don’t show emotions because he can’t, Paul Walker just never got put into many situations to flex those kind of acting muscles. He liked nature movies so his surfer attitude meshed. The Fast and Furious movies were so much Paul Walker that you can’t realistically have one without the other so his acting was where he wanted it to be. But anyway, his acting was superb in this movie and because of his mannerisms and way that he said things or did things made this movie a hell of a lot easier to watch.

I have to mention the actress who played the wife, Genesis Rodriguez. You might not recognize her because she looked familiar but of course I guessed wrong. But she was one of the FBI agents from The Last Stand. She’s mostly done telemundo T.V shows but she is excellent in the parts that they gave her. Her ability to portray emotions in the barest of scenes that they gave her was astounding as it was completely possible to see the connection between husband and wife. And on that note I have to say she makes a great team with Paul Walker. The two played off each other really well and their way of doing things and their characters just meshed completely. A great actor and actress working together. That’s what this is. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for her from now on.

So like I said, this plot is relatively simple but there is so much shit going on that I found myself yelling at the TV, groaning in disbelief, cheering, cursing, wincing, and terrified of thinking about what I would do in that situation. This movie completely owns the whole small plot big suspense thing. So I don’t care who you are or what you are currently doing. I don’t care if you hate Paul Walker or hate drama flicks. Watch this movie at least once and see what you think after you do. It’s pretty damn good, and that says a lot coming from me, the guy who can’t really concentrate on a movie unless it has something blowing up every couple of minutes.

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Robocop (2014)

I hate remakes. Now that I have that particular statement out of the way…I like this one. Because it isn’t a remake, it’s just a reboot of an old idea. The plot is the same but different at the same time. Elements are the same but different. Everything has been changed enough that it is a completely new story instead of the same old one just with a new look.

The things that have changed from the old one to the new one? Well the biggest one is the presence of Alex Murphy’s family. They’re around in this one but not the old ones. Robocop was tactical black in this one instead of the silver he was in the old one. They went into far more detail into what went into making Robocop, Robocop in this one than the old one. The surrounding world around the story of Robocop is explained a little bit better in this one than the old ones. Robocop is a lot more human in this one than the old one. No I don’t mean he’s got more human parts, I meant psychologically and emotionally. This one actually showed Alex Murphy underneath the suit…and I really don’t want to see that shit again. Creepy as all get out. Nothing but a brain and what’s necessary to keep that thing alive. Yep. Thankfully Alex requested never to see himself like that again so hopefully his streaking days are over.

Now what is the same. OCP are still major dicks and villains. Robocop is still a bad ass. That’s actually about it now that I think about it. The bad guy is different, the family is around. The way Murphy ‘died’ and became Robocop is different, the weapons and vehicles are different.

So basically this is probably the best remake of a movie I have yet to see because it is completely fresh and I didn’t have a moment of boredom while watching it. This movie should act as the template for new remakes of movies, use the same basic idea, but change the story itself enough that it’s back to being damn near original.

Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman will only be briefly discussed because if you seriously need a review or critique of their performance then you need to get your head out of your ass. These two are probably two of the best actors to ever grace the screen. They both play ‘bad guys’ Keaton plays the head of OCP so obviously he is bad. Oldman plays the head scientist of the Robocop project and is a conflicted bad guy so he eventually does learn from his errors. Both portray their parts and the emotions behind them to a T and they deserve the applause that they always get.

Joel Kinnaman was excellent as Alex Murphy. He portrayed the gung-ho but level headed cop that Alex Murphy is but also nailed the cold, distant, robotic Robocop as well. Well done sir.

The effects were awesome, the action scenes were phenomenal, the drama was where it should have been and wasn’t too low key or too much in the forefront. The intertwining of the Robotic senses with regular world shots was pretty cool to see as it was used to see what Alex saw and how he did some of the crazy stunts that he did in the movie.

I don’t know about you…but I am hoping that there is a Robocop 2. So yes go out and watch this damn thing already!

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I, Frankenstein (2014)

I, Frankenstein when the first previews came out had the potential to be a really cool movie, not great, but cool or a complete failure. I am glad to report that it is a rather cool movie to watch. The plot is rather weak outside of the origins of the war that goes on around the main character Adam (Frankenstein’s Monster). The graphics are pretty cool and I imagine that in 3D, this movie is really insane to watch.

The plot goes like this….Gargoyles are good guys who were created by the Archangel Michael to battle the Demons and protect the human race. The War isn’t going very well like they always do and the bad guys are slowly but surely winning up until the Monster, Adam, enters the picture. For 200 years after making first contact with the two sides he stays out of it and insists on turning his back on the world of humans, demons, and gargoyles. But he eventually decides to come out of his hole and start fighting back against the demons who refuse to stop hunting him. The rest of the movie is the struggle of between the three sides (Adam still insists to stay on his own side til the very end) and it finishes with a particularly uh….anti-climatic big fight surrounding the reanimation of corpses to serve the Demon purpose. Don’t get me wrong, the ending was still cool as hell but at the end of the day, the good guys came in and just kicked all sorts of ass and it was rather disappointing that we didn’t see much of this losing side of the war. If the writers and directors did show us more, then there would be more fans behind the gargoyles instead of Adam who despite everything is still good at heart.

Aaron Eckhart is great as always as the cold, hard, violent Monster/Adam. His gruff voice that we found so great when he played Two-Face is back and he pulls of the bad ass stereotype off very well despite looking like he belongs behind a desk somewhere. Adam is a very angry character who is just a violent reckoning on who ever crosses his path. It is a rather simple roll to play but Eckhart puts more depth to it to where you really get behind the character.

Anyone else have trouble placing the Gargoyle Queen like I did? I for some reason got stuck on thinking she was Helen Hunt or Jodie Foster. Well shame on me for being such a dipshit. It’s actually Miranda Otto who we all know as Eowyn from Lord of the Rings. You know, the niece of the King and the chick who ended up kicking the Witch King’s ass. Yeah…no wonder why I couldn’t place her, one of my favorite parts in the LOR movies and I never bothered to learn that actress’ name. Shame on me once again. She obviously has experience playing a noblewoman so I can’t say she really proved herself here but she did a great job portraying the Queen who sits on a fence of whether or not to back Adam or not.

Bill Nighy….well hell…he is practically in every Kevin Grevioux film. You know the big scary looking black dude who has a really deep voice and looks like he can rip you in half without breaking a sweat? Yeah him. Anyway, Grevioux has written the Underworld movies and a couple other movies that have both himself and Bill Nighy in them. And they are always fantastic, at least to me. Bill Nighy really knows how to play the cold hearted bad guy to a T.

Yvonne Strahovski…..I don’t like your character at all. Too much forced between the lines romance between Adam and the present day form of a female Victor Frankenstein. That and her character is naive and just about brought the end of the world to bear. I have seen this actress (She’s in Chuck if you ever what to look her up) do some pretty great acting but this movie wasn’t doing her any favors since her character sucked. She was just this stupid scientist that was busy playing God over on the sidelines during a war that she was ignorant about. But hey, that’s not her fault, it’s just how the character is.

So overall….this movie is worth a watch if you like action because it has some pretty good fights. Weak on the plot for the most part, the characters a tad shallow at times and there could have been so much more to this movie but for the most part it was a pretty good movie to watch if you are bored one night. Check it out….at least once!

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Kick-Ass 2 (2013)

Ah, what to say about Kick-Ass 2…..well, its definitely complicated. I am not usually a fan of the kind of humor utilized in the Kick-Ass films but for some reason, it was great in these movies. Kick-Ass 2 was a pretty good watch, but it shouldn’t have been called Kick-Ass because it wasn’t at all about Kick-Ass….it was about Hit Girl and her inner battle with being a superhero. Kick-Ass was around, but as the dumb ass who was still completely over his head in the whole superhero business and leaned to heavily on Hit Girl for help who was still struggling with the loss of her dad, who Kick-Ass had no problem using against Hit-Girl in emotional blackmail to get her to help.

Kick-Ass was never my favorite character in these movies, it was always Big Daddy and Hit Girl. Kick-Ass was some dumb kid who thought that since he couldn’t feel pain that he should up and take up the mantel of superhero and irrevocably caused the events of both movies, causing the deaths of Big Daddy and Colonel Stars and Stripes. Both of these guys had the tools, training, and know how to actually be rather batman like in their effectiveness in the fight against crime. Kick-Ass was still naive enough to have moral issues with the use of force against criminals and his training, even after a whole three weeks with Hit-Girl (who has trained her entire life) thought he could beat up the bad guys and in turn just got his ass handed to him. But enough complaining about Kick-Ass.

Like I said, this movie was all about Hit Girl and her struggle between the promise she made to her dad about listening to Marcus, her guardian, and the calling of the superhero. Her choice was taken away when the fight came to her when the bad guys showed up and blew her into a statue. She saved the day (like always) and ended up telling Marcus that she had to be a superhero because no one else could. She once again saved the day and led the battle against the bad guys as Kick-Ass got the shit kicked out of him by an equally crappy bad guy who also got his ass kicked and who inevitably fell to the same curse that happened to all comic villains. You see Hit Girl, or Mindy as her real name is, battle with being a teenager and dealing with new found hormones and the want of a normal life, that once again gets taken away from her. You get to see a lot of the different sides and struggles of a superhero in this movie with the struggles of Hit Girl. You also get to see some unrequited love involving some of the superheroes so that was interesting and  shame to see.

The gore of this movie was a lot less than the first one which was probably a major complaint coming from the softer movie watchers and parents. The cussing was a lot less, which again, was probably a complaint from critics so they obviously tried to keep up with the way Kick-Ass should be without being completely immoral and grotesque. There wasn’t all that much fighting actually…maybe a whole five fight scenes? I didn’t count so I may be off a little bit but as a huge action fan that was kind of disappointing.

My one and only true beef with this movie was the ending. What the hell was that? It didn’t make any sense at all. The short conversation between Kick-Ass and Hit Girl at the end made it seem like maybe it was all over and done with and it did indeed set up a possibility of a straight up Hit Girl movie. But then when it seemed like Kick-Ass was finally growing a brain and hanging up the ‘cape’ it cut to a scene of him doing one armed chin ups in the lair belonging to Hit Girl and Big Daddy with a new uniform. Then at the end of the credits, it cut to a scene of the Mother Fucker (Evil Red Mist) in the hospital with no legs, and apparently no penis and no hands….trying to get a drink of water. What I don’t get is why they must stick with the Red Mist/ Mother Fucker character. Superheroes always face more than one bad guy so why not end that story line and create a new bad guy that will be in the third movie (yes I have no doubts this is actually in the makings as none of the star people are in high demand).

If you liked the first Kick-Ass movie then you really aught to check the sequel out, it is definitely worth a watch. If you are a fan of raunchy comedy then its worth a watch too. If you like simple, gory violence, then watch it as well. If not….then avoid it. It’s not even very superhero-y with the exception of Hit Girl. So if you do watch it, keep that fact in mind….its not about Kick-Ass….it’s about Hit Girl.

Oh and I suppose I really aught to discuss the young actress who portrayed Hit Girl and her secret identity, Mindy Macready. Chloe Grace Moretz (Carrie remake) is definitely an up and coming actress. I had issue with them using such a young actress in such a raunchy, vulgar, and violent movie (yes my inner self is a bit old fashioned) but she pulled it off with no problem and actually was pretty awesome to see a 12 year old running around with the crazy Nicolas Cage kicking butt and acting just as unstable as he is. She portrays both Hit Girl and Mindy very well and in this movie you see a lot more emotional rage coming from that character and you got to see the actress flex her acting muscles outside of the mask. She nails acting like a scared, nervous, innocent teenager just starting high school but also looks completely comfortable playing the foul mouthed, violent, bad ass chick that can kick the butt off any bad guy. It will definitely be interesting to see this actress’ career progress.


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Radio Rebel (2012) Yes, I do in fact watch Disney movies occasionaly

Alright….I am choosing to review this movie for a couple of reasons. One….it’s actually one of the few decent Disney movies made recently and it also has a pretty good message that goes with it and to me, all movies have some sort of message in-bedded in the plot somewhere.

The plot is relatively simple…it is Disney…it follows a girl who is a senior in high school is shy and doesn’t like to talk to people in the hall way or get called on in class. Kind of pathetic you think? Well when you are treated like your invisible for so long, you tend to just go with the flow, so you can’t blame this chick for her shyness. BUT! Behind closed doors, this shy and nearly mute teen is anything but! She is Radio Rebel, a radio personality that gives inspirational messages to fellow high schoolers. She has a huge fan base and once her step father, who happens to be a radio executive finds out who Radio Rebel really is, he gets her on the actual air instead of a pod cast and her fan base grows and soon she’s taking her school by storm…well should I say, Radio Rebel is.

One of the things that kept getting brought up in this movie was that NO ONE thought that this girl could be Radio Rebel because she was just too quiet and shy. Several people came very close to learning the truth only to turn around and say that she isn’t cool enough or outgoing enough to be Radio Rebel. Eventually her secret is exposed as she always disappears when Radio Rebel has to go on air and the Queen Bee of the high schoolers and the evil principle try to get her in trouble but the student body turns around and protects her from them by everyone exclaiming that they were radio rebel. Cute right? Psshhhh as if.

The lesson in this movie is a simple one. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because someone is shy and isn’t outgoing about some things, doesn’t mean that they don’t have a passion or something that they are crazy good at something. I am never really good at high school movies or shows because to me….high school was a hell of a lot of fun. The social boundaries always present in shows and movies never existed in mine, or at least not as hard core. I grew up with nearly all of my classmates and my high school was the biggest in the state. So we all knew each other. So I can’t say for sure of the social injustices about high school. But there is always something to remember….most of the time…its the shy quiet nerdy types that go far in life and us loud obnoxious types that end up at some dead end career or unhappy in life. It’s just the way of the universe. So lesson in life, don’t judge a book by its cover, and take some time to get to know the shy and quiet types as they are probably some awesome people hidden under all that.

I don’t watch Disney movies very often anymore as, in my opinion, the quality of their movies on television has gone way down recently or at least what they seem to think teenagers and kids want to watch nowadays. But anyway…for a newer movie from Disney this is a good one. If you ever find yourself bored out of your skull or nothing on the TV and you see this on, because its on regularly, check it out. It’s worth a watch.

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Tango and Cash (1989)

At first look when I watched this film tonight, I thought it would be another lame duck 80’s action movie because I hadn’t seen it before and I have grown up on the 80’s- early 90’s action flicks so for me not to see one, is pretty rare and its usually because they sucked. Not this time. Tango and Cash was actually pretty interesting and kept my attention the whole way through with plenty of action and comedy thrown in since it is the typical buddy cop film that was popular around that time.

Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell were great together which actually kind of surprised me because they usually have different styles to their action but it just proves the versatility of Stallone as he was able to portray a Cobra-like character that was both bad ass, straight laced, and witty all in one package which gave quite a bit for the always funny Kurt Russell to work with. Between these two there was always some one mouthing off to the bad guy or cracking a joke as they were beating the bad guys. I liked it as it was really refreshing as I usually throw all those kinds of movies in with Lethal Weapon in where it was interesting the first time, but not the next time or the time after that. But I do believe that Tango and Cash has actually earned a spot on the list of movies I need to add to my collection on the shelf.

The Plot follows Tango (Stallone) and Cash (Russell) who are two of the city’s best cops who work different districts but have earned targets on their backs from a powerful bad guy because he is losing serious business because of them so he sets them up for the murder of an FBI undercover agent and they get sent to prison. Well they escape and work quickly to prove their innocents as, unlike most movies, the police department actually believes that the two are innocent so are able to give them a bit of a window to prove their innocence before the manhunt begins. The rest of the movie is just like a good 80’s action flick with plenty of gunfire, explosions, car chases, and overall violence. Throw in a hot girl and you got the usual recipe for an action flick. But it was good, with a plot that didn’t rip off from someone else and kept things light enough that you were laughing or chuckling more than you were in deep thought.

If you like either of these two actors this is definitely a movie you aught to check out if you haven’t already. If you’re not, check it out anyway at least once so that you can say you at least watched it because it is worth the watch just for the plot itself. Like I said, this movie has earned a spot on the list of soon to be inducted to my shelf list and its a hard party to get into for a movie as I don’t buy crappy movies.

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Bones Season 9

Before I get to the review part of this I just have to say something about this show. JUST PLEASE LET IT END!

Okay, I’m done. No seriously, I love this show, but this is an example of them trying to drag a show out. The mistake they made was the fact that the show’s weight was carried by the relationship between Bones and Booth. The teasing and one on one moments they had after a case was what brought people back. Then they had a kid, then they got married. Should have been the end. But nope, here we are kind of struggling to see where all of this is headed. And it outrages me that they just won’t end it…especially when in my opinion they had a perfect opportunity to end the show at the season finale just last week. But nope, they came up with this extravagant absurd conspiracy theory that Booth has managed to land himself in and now Bones is dragged in it as well since she had to save Booth. So now we gotta see this crap for another season. So once again…PLEASE LET IT END!

I’m not even really going to bother reviewing most of this Season as it was a major snooze fest for the most part up until the last few weeks because it was just the old routine without the nice bones and booth moments like the old days.

Okay first, Pelant. I am so happy that that bastard is dead. That damn guy was like fleas…hard to get rid of. That plot line was good and went along the lines of the rest of the series where good things come with a cost so now that Pelant was gone, yay! Booth and Brennan got married (something that should have happened at the season finale to wrap up the show) and now we are stuck with the rest of the season trying to figure out what to do.

Next is The Ghost Killer. I hate this….I hate conspiracy theories, they make for good television but I find that I can’t find myself following shows when they get too much into them because they get to be pretty ridiculous and the one exposed in the season finale of the show was amazing but then in the last two minutes they jump into absurdity. They should have either killed off Booth due to injuries or have him alive and well. They should have had the squints expose the key information to take out the conspiracy partakers and then life goes on. Except…they didn’t and next season we get to watch them flounder against a set up that involves some very high ranking members of our national government so that both Booth and Bones are completely screwed without the squint squad.

So as far as I am concerned….I am unsure if I will be watching next season. Probably will just out of curiosity’s sake…but yeah…this show is getting old. So….writers and show makers for Bones….end this show before you completely wreck it. Thank you. Next Season will hopefully be the last one.

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Supernatural Season 9

Wow…season 9….it’s amazing that this show has managed to keep going so strong after their main arch ended in season 5. And this season really put the characters through the wringer….but I’ll get to that in a minute. I want to address the fact that this show is probably going to keep going for the next year or two at least. I am seriously worried about this show overstretching itself and becoming one of those shows that just kills itself because it tries to keep going too long. That and in my honest opinion…how much more can Dean and Sam handle without becoming mental patients from stress and exhaustion…especially Dean….I mean damn guys….you need a vacation. I will discuss this more at the end of the review in how I see how the show ending since there has already been opinions flying around this year.

Okay I got to say that part of the story arch is based on an action that shouldn’t have happened. It’s that damn co-dependency that Dean has over Sam. Dean just can’t let Sam out of his sight or to knowingly let him get hurt. I am sorry to say this to you all..but I am not a huge fan of Sam…he’s all good and what not but his character flaws are pretty ugly…not that I’m a princess either but still…Dean is co-dependent on Sam but it doesn’t get returned. Sam has proven time and time again that he isn’t that dedicated to Dean’s well being and the last time I really truly saw it was waaaaay back in the day of Dean’s Deal to get Sam back…you know when Sam was being all guilt trippy. I know…him crying over his brother’s dead body there at the end was heart breaking (i’m a dean fan so hey…I get it.) but this entire season has been Sam being all bitch boy because Dean made the hard decision to help Sammy heal and get better. He had no fucking idea that Sam was having a lovely chat with Death and was ready to go to the other side. I don’t blame Dean for it and Sam flipped out on him when you gotta know that Dean will do that sort of thing. So Sam being bitch boy was really irritating this season and I hated seeing him treat Dean like complete shit when Dean wasn’t exactly having a walk in the park either.

Alright now that I’ve brought him up…Dean….holy crap….poor Dean…how much longer can this guy take on the world and still remain standing? This entire season was just a FUBAR situation with the brothers as they didn’t close the gates of hell, the angels fell and all hell broke lose with them, AND freaking Abaddon was back not to mention that fat bastard Metatron who tricked Castiel. All of this really overwhelmed the brothers into making some iffy decisions and doing what they could in a hopeless situation. Now lets see…Dean caries guilt like a second skin so let me try to recall all the things he feels guilty about. Okay…there’s letting an angel high jack his brother, Kevin’s death, Charlie’s momentary death, Castiel being tricked while the brothers were busy closing the gates of Hell, Sam being a bitch boy, ahh…the First Blade and the Mark of Cain. So…Dean holds the people he cares about close to the chest and it always bothers him greatly when they get hurt. Kevin died by an action that he took and he pretty much drank himself into a stupor because of it. That had to be hard as hell to see because he was in fact right there when Kevin got smited. Charlie died during her visit to help the boys and Dean made the angel inside of Sam, Gadreel, bring her back because she is like the little sister that he never had and it would have been ugly if she was taken too. I don’t care what you all say…but Sam was a huge dick this season as he was pissy that Dean did what Dean does and saved his ass. So you were ready to die….get over it. This was to be expected. Did it suck that your brother trusted the wrong angel…yeah…but not really his fault either. He was desperate. It took until what? The brief moment they had before Dean died to make up and that is like…a death bed confession…not honest. You’re going to die so you have nothing to lose by doing it. I don’t think that Sam actually honestly has forgiven Dean for what he did and will still hold it against him because he did that shit earlier in the show as well. Dean has always been pretty protective of Cas and vice versa. Even if it wasn’t said, he would be feeling the guilt of not being able to really help his friend during his time of need and of course blame himself. The mark of cain and the first blade….I have yet to decide how I feel about this thing. I did in fact like what they did with the story of Cain and Able….because it really shows that humanity could exist inside of a demon so that gives us hope for Dean who is now a demon since he died fighting Metatron. But…Dean is a righteous man….hell even heaven recognizes him as such…well at least until he took the Mark but at the end of the day…being a demon, even a decent one…is going to bug and torment the shit out of Dean and if he does in fact come back to life, he’s going to be really screwed up.

Castiel….I feel sorry for this guy. He is the walking example of good intentions pave the road to hell because this guy, no matter how hard he tries, can’t seem to do the right thing. I am glad to see that he went from the “I am God” stage of trying to open Purgatory to a reluctant leader. It bodes well for the rest of the angels and Heaven so hopefully we see some good things coming from the angels that we haven’t seen…in like ever. There have been a handful of good angels and they are usually pretty screwed up in the first place. So I hope next season we are seeing the angels as the good guys for once as I am tired of seeing them as dicks all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love that about the show that they made angels a bunch of assholes but there comes a point where the show needs a force of light…and now that Dean isn’t around to rein in the angels….they’re gonna have to do it themselves so I really do hope that they have a change of heart and start helping the Winchesters with what ever they’re doing next season?

I can’t particularly speculate on what will happen next season except for the fact that Dean is a demon and will probably use that darkness for some sort of good. I have a hard time believing that Dean is completely gone and the demon is all that remains. So I hope that there is a moral compass in there so that he can at least point the demon in the right direction so that he is still kicking supernatural ass and not becoming the big bad himself. If this was the last season of the show, I would probably be okay with him being the big bad, but like I said….there is talk of this show going on for a few more years still. I do want to see a return of Charlie, I love her character and I think her presence could do some good for Dean and Sam both as she tends to lighten things up a bit. Like I said, I also want to see Castiel directing the Angels to be doing some good on earth for once instead of trying to kill all the humans or enslave them.

Alright now for my opinion on how this show should end…when it eventually will.

Dean- Has to die. I hate myself that this is what I see happening to him, but Dean could never do the apple pie life. He’s learned that the hard way. His end will be a blaze of glory, probably killing the big bad and giving Sam a chance to escape. Something along those lines. That’s a Dean death worthy of being the last one so that he could finally find peace in Heaven in the Harvelle’s Bar and his fondest memories. He’s lost so many people that they are all probably waiting for him anyway as they know his time is coming.

Sam- Is going to get his wish. Apple Pie life. He’s had it twice now. Both before the show and when Dean went to Purgatory. I think that will be the ultimate gift given to Sam by Dean is the chance at such a life and Sam is going to take it. Because no matter what he says, he will always want that life. So that’s his finish.

Castiel- God returns, Cas becomes Michael level Archangel. Castiel has always wanted God to return and for the life of me, I think the return of God will have a significant part in the ending of this show. And how many times Cas has been in charge no matter the result, he would be an arch angel, especially since God has intervened on his behalf a couple times already.

Charlie- Gotta throw her in there….I would love to say that she has an apple pie life…but she has never had one…kind of why her and Dean connect so well. So I’m like going to punish myself later for this, especially if it ever turns out I am right, but Charlie get’s a Jo ending….where she dies helping Dean and Sam do something…hopefully at the same time as Dean as that would be a bitch to handle in the middle of a big fight. So I predict her dying beside Dean in one last hunt. Big bro and little sis hunting together one last time.

Crowley- I gotta admit….warming up to the guy a bit. So king of hell but locked behind the gates so he can’t be meddling if not dead by Dean’s hand but since that would create a power vacuum then I would say…he’ll remain alive just locked up tight in hell with the rest of the black eyes.

That’s it right? Not missing anyone? Okay good. Yeah…the last couple of episodes of Supernatural will probably have everyone balling their eyes out, but it will be worth it because there’s certain endings that are appropriate for these characters and it usually ends in blood.

So overall….I liked this season but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t annoyed by that co-dependency and Sam’s bitch boy attitude. If you haven’t watched the season,then do so. If you have, well you know just as much as I do and I am anxiously awaiting the fall so that I can see what the hell is up with Demon Dean.

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NCIS Season 11 (Fall 2013-Spring 2014)

Alright so, I’m back after a few months of not reviewing things and I feel terrible about it. But anyway, back to reviewing NCIS Season 11. I am on the fence with this season as it is the Season that was made in only a handful or less weeks when Cote de Pablo decided to bail on the show late in the off season after season 10. I am remaining faithful to NCIS in hopes that with a little sit down time they can regain their footing and keep going strong and after this season I do think it’s possible…with the guest staring of Cote de Pablo and I will explain that thought in a bit.

First thing needs to be addressed is Ziva David’s exit from the teams lives…I think it was a great story arch that ended horribly. I am still under the opinion that they fumbled her exit by not allowing it to be cut and dry. It was all good until Tony found that Ziva had slipped her prized necklace in his coat pocket which signifies, at least to me, that she WILL be back, its just a matter of when. Which I ultimately hate because until she returns, Michael Weatherly’s character, Tony DiNozzo, is stuck in this weird funk he’s been in the entire season and its dragging the show down because, like him or not, Tony is the heart of the show. I think that maybe if they focus on Tony for a story arch addressing this funk and come up with a good way to get him out of it, then maybe Cote de Pablo won’t have to return, but I don’t see it yet. And until she returns, we are stuck with this quiet, serious Tony that was only present previously when he was either mad or upset. Which he is now, but seriously, all season? It needs to be addressed in Season 12 for sure.

Next is Ellie Bishop. Some like her, some don’t. I’m on the fence myself because she was a quickly created character that still needs some depth which I am certain we will get next season because with out it, her character will ultimately fail with the fan base. What we have seen of her so far, I like. There are enough kirks and enough hints at more of a story to her life that keeps us intrigued, but the fans won’t remain patient for very long. I think that the way she thinks and does things could really help the team, especially with their big bad characters that will no doubt make themselves known next season and her growth as a field agent will be nice to see. I also like how she is already done and married so that there will be no inner office romance with her, at least right now since her husband is still around. He needs to be seen though because the fans gotta see it to believe it after we watched TIVA for eight years and don’t want a repeat.

Next is the wonderful Delilah, McGee’s love interest. What is this business with Dubai? Seriously? She makes herself at home in our hearts and then you send her off screen. Thanks for that. I love this character, she is a seriously strong female type but is also a desk jockey. It’s nice to know that they do in fact exist. She’s been around for a while and she has always been intelligent and strong willed and keeps McGee’s huge ego in check. The episode where she became paralyzed was a heart wrencher and the forced growth in both her character and McGee’s was amazing to see…even if I wanted to slap the hell out of McGee for treating her like fragile china afterwards. I am a huge fan of the episode where she helps NCIS nab the internet black market site but like I said…Dubai? It would have been nice to see some side scenes of her and McGee adjusting to living together and the advancement of their relationship now that we don’t have TIVA.

Now that I’ve mentioned it a couple times….TIVA….has completely crippled Tony’s character for the time being. I don’t like it. I understand people want to see this side of Tony more, but I always gauged the seriousness of a situation by Tony’s behavior. When he get’s dead serious like he has been you know something is seriously wrong. He’s the best agent on the team, even better than Gibbs I would say, and we don’t need to be reminded of that fact. So I would like this whole TIVA thing put to bed one way or another by the end of next season so we can get Tony’s character moving forward again. This entire debacle has me so ticked off that I have yet to watch any episodes from Season 10 because I have already donned that season the season of TIVA and I can’t watch all those important scenes knowing that it was all for naught. So seriously, writers. Get it figured out for Tony’s sake.

Gibbs, man he’s kind of getting up there in years yeah? It won’t be addressed in the next couple of seasons but the mandatory retirement age is coming on fast and then it will be Tony’s turn to take the reins. The season finale was a Gibbs episode where it was focusing on his dad’s sudden death and Gibbs dealing with it. At the same time Tony has been ordered to lead the team in an operation to get a sudden threat taken care of that ties in a couple big bads from the team’s past. So I think it all points to the fact that Gibbs is indeed headed towards the door due to him just getting older, and it will be a sad day to see him go, but I think that in the next couple of seasons we will see more and more that Tony will be given the reins more to get people used to the idea.

Speaking of Tony….it’s been awhile since he’s been in whumped on hasn’t it? I mean, I hate seeing it because he is by far my favorite character of the show, but it’s kind of one of those things that goes along with the character. It’s expected. It’s one of Tony’s characteristics to put himself in the line of fire so that his team members won’t have to and with this whole Ziva thing, I think that it would only get worse. I did indeed notice something though….Tony’s gone a bit dark side….or at least I think he is unless I imagined it. But remember the episode where he had to go to France to rescue the Admiral’s daughter and at the very end when the whole hostage issue arose and he shot the suspect in the head? If you pay real close attention you will notice that Tony was already shooting by the time the suspect’s gun was moving to shoot anyone. He never planned on letting that suspect out of that place alive, and for Tony…that’s pretty dark. Do I agree with what he did? Sure. I don’t hold it against him, I was just surprised that he did it because usually he absolutely hates shooting people. But this time he did it ice cold before the threat even truly presented itself. And it was a chance to be reminded that Tony is a hell of an agent and can apparently shoot pretty damn good to hit that kind of shot. So….the question for next season is….is Tony going Dark Side? As in getting ice in his veins and losing his compassion? Is he becoming more Gibbs like than anyone could know? Well I would say…yes. I have always had the feeling that that was always the plan for Tony. Put him through the same trials that Gibbs had to go through and see what becomes of it. Like I said, Tony is a better man so he will handle it differently but he will still get desensitized to the world. We have already seen him lose love interest after love interest and we all know that if Kate was still around he would be married and have a kid already. Then Jean happened and went sideways and then Cassidy and EJ and then Ziva…..he’s got a long list of hard heart breaks and how much can a guy take. That’s where all this quiet serious Tony is coming from and I don’t particularly see it without it being addressed completely. I think they short changed the psychological issues Tony’s going through after that episode where he was hallucinating after he got back from Israel. It’s not fixed and if I am not mistaken, Tony’s probably doing something on the off hours at home like losing himself in the bottle like he did after Jenny died. So….what will Season 12 tell us?

Vance…I like Vance….especially now that he’s not rubbing the team the wrong way and actually lets them do their thing more often. It is horrible that it took Jackie’s death for that to happen but it was a hell of a move by the writers to have her go down along with Eli. But…Director’s don’t seem to last long so…how long will it take before Vance either moves up in the chain or retires to be with his kids? Maybe he will do neither and he will remain til the end of times. Okay…can I address the new Sec Nav? What the hell is with this killing Jarvis? I liked him! Now we got some red headed bitch of a woman who is probably going to be a pain in the ass for the entire team in the upcoming couple of years. And…red hair…really? Maybe they know something I don’t (more than likely) but I don’t think that it was necessary to kill Jarvis at all to move the plot forward. But anyway…I hate politicians and at the end of the day, that’s all the director and Sec Nav are.

So anyway…I’ve rambled on enough… overall Season 11 of NCIS was mediocre. It wasn’t bad nor good. It floundered some moments and flew to great heights another moment. I think all of us need to cut them some slack and give them a couple seasons to get their traction back thanks to the obsurdity that Cote de Pablo created by leaving under what ever circumstances it was. So readers….keep watching good old NCIS and have faith that it will stay strong like we have always liked.

I just remembered something…and I am calling in my belief that I am a good reviewer because I so easily forgot this part….NCIS New Orleans. It had a backdoor pilot (two parter) this season and I liked it….might need some character work but I could swing it. It has gotten the green light and should be around sometime in the fall they say. There is talk about some major character shifts as Lucas Black was bashed on for his lack of portrayal of his character. He was bashed on for his lack of accent….if I recall right…it was never said where he grew up or where he was a sheriff deputy so he could very well have been from Alabama when he met the team lead. So cut the dude a little slack and I want to see him around for at least the first season…I know he is expensive for a show, but I think if you work his character around who Lucas Black can portray you can get a pretty good character out of it. The other characters weren’t bashed on so much so they are pretty much set in stone and I liked them for the most part. It will just be interesting to see how this show differs from the other two. Because if it’s just more of the same….it might flounder in the shadow of the other two that are going pretty strong. I was under the impression that this might have been made so that if NCIS (the original) flounders without Ziva and crashes and burns then there is already a show up and running to take over when they have to wrap up NCIS.

Anyway…another quick recap. Keep the faith. Season 11 was rough. Give Bishop a chance. Maybe we will see Ziva again. See you in the fall for more NCIS.

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