Remember the Titans (2000)

Remember the Titans is probably one of the most well known movies out there. It is probably against the movie rules if you have not seen it. It is one of the best movies out there and IS the best sports movie out there. The movie delivers on all cylinders with plot, acting, and action. For being a football movie, it delivers quite a bit of commentary on social issues and how it really is to be on a sports team, especially football.

The movie follows a school in the 1970s when schools were being forced to not discriminate their students so both black and white students would attend the same school. The focus of the movie is the football team called the Titans, where the race issue was a big problem to start out with which was solved by a stint at a football camp where the head coach forced the kids to ignore race, get to know each other, and play as a team. The team comes together despite all the hurdles they have to face and help the school and its community to do the same thing. The football team goes undefeated due to the talent and the team work presented by the Titans. The climax of the movie is the injury of one of the key players and characters when he gets into a car accident and is paralyzed. The team goes on to play the championship game to only loose despite an all out effort to win. The movie ends at a funeral 10 years later when it reveals that the player died by the hands of a drunk driver and the team had came together to attend his funeral.

There are several rather well known actors and actresses in this movie so I will name a few:

Denzel Washington: Head Coach Herman Boone

Will Patton: Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator Bill Yoast

Ryan Hurst: Linebacker Gerry Burtier

Donald Faison: Running Back Petey Jones

Ethan Suplee: Offensive Lineman Louie Lastik

Hayden Panettiere: Coach Yoast’s Daughter Sheryl Yoast

Kate Bosworth: Emma Hoyt, Burtier’s girlfriend

Ryan Gosling: Defensive Back Alan Bosley

Overall it has quite a few people in it that you may know from somewhere else.

I have to mention that the soundtrack is also well known and well utilized. One of the song’s on the soundtrack “Titan’s Spirit” was used in numerous sports casts, Olympic games, NBA, MLB, and even the Democratic National Convention.

But overall the movie is excellent and is definitely a must watch. I hope to the powers that be, that you have already seen this movie several times but if not, do not hesitate and watch it. Its on TV numerous times a year and I am sure it is easy to find if you wish to buy it. Trust me its worth every penny.

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