Pacific Rim (2013)

This film is a sleeper, you think that it will only be good because of the giant battles in 3D (that’s why I saw it) but surprisingly, it was a spectacular film. It was not the shallow movie I thought it was but managed to put a lot of weight behind the characters of the movie. This movie is also one of the few that doesn’t have much in the way of star power. There are a couple guys from Sons of Anarchy and some other actors I recognize that usually play supporting roles or on tv series. It was refreshing because you didn’t have any expectations so you come into the movie with an open mind. The scenes are just amazing, there are quite a few fight scenes that are just jaw dropping especially in 3D.

The plot of the movie is this: There is a portal in the pacific ocean that allows these giant creatures from another dimension to come into ours and they quickly attack the nearest civilized area. In response to this threat the humans build giant robots to fight these creatures and win for quite some time. But the monsters adapt and are quickly able to start defeating the robots with ease. This is where we meet our main character Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) who is a retired pilot after surviving a bad fight with one of the monsters. He is brought back into the fold by his commanding officer because they are preparing a final offensive and needs his skill to help pilot one of the final four robots. He agrees and is teamed up with rookie pilot, Mako (Rinko Kikuchi), who has her fair share of baggage as well. Along with three other teams of pilots they are prepare for final plan of setting off a nuke in the bridge between the two dimensions to close it. Things escalate quickly and it tests all of the pilots and a lot of them don’t make it back.

Charlie Hunnam who plays Jax on Sons of Anarchy is a very talented actor. He is able to portray several characteristics and emotions at the same time which most actors today cannot. Idris Elba is always talented and portrays the very authoritative commanding officer. Max Martini and Robert Kazinsky play the Australian father-son team of pilots and these two show quite a bit of talent even though the main spot light is not on them.

Now I do have one complaint which isn’t really a complaint. This movie had Clifton Collins Jr. who played Romeo in Boondock Saints 2, and his presence was very distracting for a fan of the Saints like myself. It’s not a bad thing, it just threw me every time I saw him. I got past it once the action was intense and the drama was high but still its freaking Romeo….if you’ve seen Boondock Saints 2 then you will know what I am talking about.

Now, something I about forgot to mention that I just realized. This movie has its main characters, but it does an excellent job of portraying the importance of all the other characters as well, you feel for all the supporting cast as well. You actually feel the weight of their presence and what is happening to them. This is one of the rare films that is able to do that.

I hear that they have already been working on a sequel so I am happy to hear that. This movie is definitely one of those movies that can be continued without really dragging anything out. Its a fight movie, you just have to keep fighting. As of right now I think its just them working on a script so we will see where it goes.

I highly suggest everyone go see this movie before it leaves theaters…in 3D, dont cheapen the experience by not watching it in 3D. If you miss it, I still believe this movie is still great enough that you aught to rent it the first chance you get. So quickly now, go check it out!

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